About Dandelyne™ (Mrs Sonia Lyne)

About Dandelyne™ (Mrs Sonia Lyne)Sonia Lyne

I am a passionate embroiderer; so passionate in fact, I have embroidery floss coming out of my pores and I look like one big fluffy dandelion...

I mean what's not to love, right? The oodles of stitches to be mastered, the way you inject the needle into the weave of the fabric, the feeling of stretching a blank piece of cotton onto a hoop... I could go on and on. Oh. So. Much. Joy.

When did I first fall in love with this art? We all remember our first time. I learnt to sew under the expertise of a beautiful woman named Mrs Mulrooney, when I was 7. I attended a small rural school and on a Friday afternoon all of the girls would head to the library to master the basics of embroidery on gingham squares. And thus a flame was ignited. Fast forward and I then began a varied career in the fashion industry. I attended the London College of Fashion Studies to become a pattern maker/grader, worked as an Assistant Stylist in Europe, worked as a Buyer for a leading clothing brand, created and managed my own children's clothing line, and then I took up a needle and hoop again in 2011. I chose to design and stitch my first family portrait; my family's. The little flame that was ignited so many years ago suddenly became an enormous, crazy bushfire! Here it seems, my heart-for-materials and thread rediscovered what felt like Home. I found myself daydreaming not only about small and simple embroidery projects but also about small, teeny tiny embroidery hoops. To quote the film "Robots", "See a need, fill a need."...

I thought if I wanted tiny projects and tiny hoops there must be others who wanted these too. And so Dandelyne™ began...

Dandelyne™ is about small scale embroidery projects that are satisfying, rewarding, soul boosting and frankly, just look so darn cute. Using the miniature embroidery hoop to frame your designs, you can choose to capture precious things and stitch them as a keepsake of that moment - stitch an initial, stitch a drawing, stitch a line, stitch a face. The options are endless and so are the stitches. It is my hope that you celebrate your embroidery awesomeness and frame it, wear it, enjoy it and be proud of your handiwork.


My passion for the craft of embroidery begins BEFORE the very first stitch. I love the feeling of stretching the fabric onto the hoop and seeing a blank canvas ready for a little masterpiece, choosing floss and rearranging it on my table to get the best combinations, visualising which stitches will work best and then... it is the sound of the needle piercing the fabric... PURE BLISS!

The Story Of The Hoop

Dandelyne™ is about taking the embroidery hoop to another level. Not only is it made in Australia; it is miniature so it can be worn, celebrated and adored.

When I first started the design process it was imperative that the hoop was sourced and made here in Australia. I have successfully been able to do this. YAY!

The hoop is made from beautiful 6mm hoop pine plywood that I have sourced from a company in Queensland. This business celebrates that environmental and sustainable forests are very important to them. Even the glue used in the process is environmentally friendly and complies with the Australian standards.

The laser cutting process is run by a wonderful man named Tom; owner of Vector & Raster Laser Services. The hoops are cut using green power and all fumes produced during the process are filtered. Yep, they really are “SUPER GREEN HOOPS”. His business is based in Wallan which is a convenient 35 minute drive away. I'm able to drop off and pick up the wood sheets and hoops, and have a chat.

Once the hoops arrive to my home, a.k.a. Dandelyne™ HQ my husband and I then spend many hours sanding, drilling and constructing each hoop. It is definitely a labour of love and one that I am more than happy to share with everyone who would like to invest in them.

I am proud that I have been able to design and make a product that feels like a gift to the embroidery community. My little hoops continually give me so much joy and I feel that they are of the highest HANDMADE quality.