06 | 5 | 2016


Do you remember my last post (which was actually 3 months ago ... she says with a cheeky grin) I told you about the amazing #makeforgood campaign that was organised by Etsy AU and Plan Australia? Just in case you missed it, you can read all about it here and here.

Well, in just 2 sleeps I will be boarding the plane to start my big adventure with Hepzabeth from Cleanse with Benefits, Sarah from Etsy AU, Emilie from Hello Emilie and Vanessa from Plan Australia. ARRRRRRRRRRR!

I am still pinching myself and VERY excited. Right now as I type this newsletter I am feeling enormous amounts of gratitude and excitement. I truly am one lucky lady! 

I can't wait to share photo's and details of my experience with you. As part of the trip we will be sharing our skills. Hepzabeth will be showing the women how she makes her divine soaps and I am super pumped to share my knowledge of embroidery, and hopefully stitch up many mini masterpieces with the women. 

Whilst I am away my gorgeous right hand, and left hand woman Jenni will be running all things Dandelyne. This lady is the bomb. So, my
Etsy store will be open and Jenni will be checking all emails to answer any questions you may have.

Alrighty ... I'm off to pack my bag. My plan is to pack tonight and leave the weekend to indulge in my boys and cuddle them all weekend long, especially on Sunday for Mother's Day.

What a segue! - hee hee - I want to wish all mumma's a very happy Mother's Day for Sunday.

Turn mom upside down and you get WOW


(I'm stealing the American spelling of MOM because WUW does not make sense hahaha)


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